Welcome to Western Mountain Inc.

16 Years of Excellence

It is our passion to build quality with integrity. WMI will always strive to be a low cost provider to our valued clients. At WMI, we pride ourselves on always bringing our A-Team, the absolute best people for the job. We are a company that values its principles on the job to oversee that all details of a project are met safely, on time, and within budget above all else.

The very core of our business is based on three things.

  • Safety. Our greatest asset is our people. Getting them home safely to their families each day is priority one.
  • Environment. WMI understands that in today's oil and gas industry, respecting and protecting the environment is critical to a project's success.
  • Quality production. Our experienced staff are the heartbeat of WMI, and every day we strive for progress in all aspects of the industry.

WMI specializes in very challenging projects. Our experience is creek crossings, wetlands, steep grades, and rocky terrain. WMI has the resources, and our personnel are highly skilled in all areas.